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The Ghana Alien Coin Series

Shop All Ghana Alien Series Gold & Silver coins by Scottsdale Mint. Legal Tender in Ghana.

The 2022 Ghana Alien


Scottsdale Mint is excited to announce the latest from our mint, the 2022 Ghana Alien 6 Coin Program.


The possibility of extraterrestrials visiting earth has always captured our imagination. From books and movies, to homemade videos and rumors, there’s widespread excitement surrounding the possibility of otherworldly beings.

NASA just recently released footage of UFOs and people are hearing strange noises all over the world. What if there were visiting creatures from space that wanted to trade? What would they use for currency?


Introducing, the first of its kind, the Ghana Alien Coin. This is the ULTIMATE coin series for fans, featuring a space-inspired design and UV ink revealing a glow in the dark message only “they” can see.


These one-of-a-kind coins come in SIX different variations.


  • Silver Proof
  • Gold Proof
  • Rhodium Plated Silver Proof
  • Silver Antique
  • Silver BU
  • 1/10th oz Gold BU


The Proofs all come packaged neatly in a collectors box accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


These Alien coins are perfect for any UFO enthusiast, collector of space coins and science fiction fans.

Scottsdale Mint
Scottsdale Mint
2021 Ghana Alien UFO Silver Gold Coin Series
2021 Ghana Alien UFO Silver Gold Coin Series
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