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American Eagles

Shop All American Eagle coins by the US Mint. All coins are .999 fine silver and .9999 fine gold.

Buy American Silver Eagle Coins from Scottsdale Mint


America claims many symbols of freedom, but the eagle is one of the most iconic. It should hardly be surprising, then, that the American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. First minted in 1986 and crafted with .999 fine silver bullion, the American Silver Eagle is a beautiful and valuable addition to any collection or investment portfolio.


You can take advantage of the convenient size, affordable price, and enduring value of the American Silver Eagle by purchasing one or more from Scottsdale Mint. Every American Silver Eagle coin sold by Scottsdale Mint is guaranteed both by us and by the U.S. government. We offer certified, uncirculated bullion and proof coins which are worth well over the American Silver Eagle face value.


What are Silver Eagles?


American Silver Eagles are the only silver bullion coin struck by the United States Mint and the only silver coin that is guaranteed for weight, content, and purity by the U.S. government. The coin is legal tender with a face value of $1, but the American Eagle silver dollar value is much higher thanks to its status. With a silver purity of .999 and a weight of 1 troy ounce, American Silver Eagle coins are popular among collectors and investors alike.


Named for the eagle on the reverse side of the coin, the American Silver Eagle shows a Walking Liberty on its front, or obverse, along with typical words for U.S. coinage: In God We Trust. The design for the Walking Liberty was first used on a half-dollar coin in 1916 and repurposed for the Silver Eagle. The eponymous eagle recently received a redesign; for much of its history, the reverse side of the coin has shown a heraldic eagle with a shield, but moving forward the eagle will have a more realistic look, alighting on an oak branch with wings outstretched.


Types of Silver Eagles


There are four key terms to keep in mind when shopping for American Eagle silver dollars: bullion, proof, certified, and uncirculated.


  • Bullion. Bullion coins are the typical American Silver Eagle.
  • Proof. Proof coins are minted to a slightly higher standard, which makes then the most collectible. Typically, proof American Silver Eagles have a finer degree of detail and a shinier finish; they tend to be rarer and worth much more than standard bullion coins.
  • Certified. Certified coins have been graded and certified by a professional rating company, like PCGS or NGC. To survive the certification process, coins tend to be the absolute premium version, in outstanding condition. As a result, certified American Eagles have exceedingly high value.
  • Uncirculated. Uncirculated coins have never been used as currency, which allows them to remain in excellent condition. Proof coins are almost always uncirculated, and most bullion coins are uncirculated, as well.


In addition to these types of Silver Eagles, collectors are often drawn to special issues, which deviate from the standard coin design to make them rarer and more valuable. The presence or absence of mintmarks, like a “W” for West Point or an “S” for San Francisco, can also increase the significance of an American Silver Eagle.


Why Should You Buy Silver Eagles


The American Silver Eagle is an important token of American history, but it is also a useful tool in building and maintaining wealth. As is true of any precious metal product, silver coins help to balance an investment portfolio, protecting wealth against inflation—as cash values decrease, the value of silver increases. Silver coins like the American Eagle tend to be accessible to every level of investor, and their convenient size makes them easy to transport and store. Over time, American Silver Eagle coins have the potential to gain value not just beyond their face value but also beyond their silver content; one 1999 Silver Eagle sold at auction for over $19,000!


What’s more, Silver Eagles have a somewhat unique benefit: They can be used as contributions to an IRA. Though tax law generally prohibits the use of collectibles in IRAs, American Silver Eagles are exempt. As a result, they make for practical retirement savings tools for investors hoping to keep their IRAs hedged against inflation.


Silver Eagles Available from Scottsdale Mint


Scottsdale Mint offers all manner of American Silver Eagles, from coins in circulated condition with slight contact marks to uncirculated, certified proofs. Whenever you buy precious metals from Scottsdale Mint, you are guaranteed quality not only in the products you receive but also the service you experience. If you have any questions about the American Silver Eagle coins we have for sale, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our customer support team, who are available to help you find the silver coins you need for your collection.

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