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Scottsdale Silver Stackers and Bars

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The Jesus Collection

2021 Samoa Alpha & Omega 1oz Silver Bu Coin (copy)

Silver Stackers

5 oz Silver Round Scottsdale Stacker

Archangel Michael

2021 Archangel Michael 1 oz Silver Bar

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Popular Series

Biblical Series

Biblical Series

Inspired by the incredible wood carving prints by Gustave Dore, this series celebrates dozens of striking moments from the Bible.

Egyptian Relic Series

Egyptian Relic Series

Ancient Egypt is one of the most mysterious and mystical eras in history, and our Egyptian Relic Series captures that beauty and wonder with brilliant designs and unique hand antiqued coins.


“These are the best looking hand pours around. I live in Arizona and wanted to buy American/local and was absolutely blown away at the quality. I’ll be honored to pass these on to my daughter one day. Thanks!”

–  Ronald


“This coin was my first ever investment in Silver and I couldn’t be any more excited about it. The look and feel is pristine and the service from Scottsdale Mint is unparalleled.”

–  Javier

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