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Biblical Series Collectible Silver Coins

Shop the Popular Biblical Series Silver Coins straight from Scottsdale Mint. Fan Favorite series featuring imagery by Gustav Dore.

Biblical Series Collectible Silver Coins 


Stories from the Bible are ingrained in Western culture. Almost everyone recognizes tales like Noah’s Arc and the death of Samson, as well as iconography like the crown of thorns or the chariot of fire. The universal recollection of Biblical stories, their moral and cultural significance, and the undeniable beauty of many scenes from the Bible inspired Scottsdale Mint to produce its outstanding Biblical Series of collectible silver coins.


Scottsdale Mint has produced six new collectible coins in its Biblical Series every year since 2015, for a total of 42 unique coins in the collection. Utilizing stunning artwork from French printmaker Paul Gustave Dore, the Biblical Series coins are exceptional silver pieces worthy of adding to any collection or portfolio.


What are Biblical Series Coins?


Produced exclusively by Scottsdale Mint, the Biblical Series of collectible silver coins depict different fascinating and enchanting stories from history’s most widely published book. The coins showcase the impeccable minting techniques that make Scottsdale Mint a world-renowned producer of fine precious metal products, which is why both investors and collectors appreciate the magnificence and value of Biblical Series coins.


Legal tender in the small island state of Niue, the coins feature a profile of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side. On the obverse, or front, each coin depicts a scene from a distinct and memorable biblical story. The coins draw from both Old and New Testaments; some examples include Christ in the Synagogue, Moses on the Nile, the Death of Abel and the Good Samaritan. The coins are rimless, meaning the gorgeous images bleed off the edge, making the coins feel like inimitable works of art.


The name of the story is carved near the edge, and the coin’s serial number is stamped along the side. Each Biblical Series coin contains 2 troy oz of .999 fine silver and comes packaged in an exclusive Biblical Silver Coin Series box that imitates the look of a leather-bound Bible.


Why Should You Buy Biblical Series Coins?


Biblical Series coins are attractive to collectors and investors alike. Collectors appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of Scottsdale Mint’s Biblical Series coins and strive to keep their collections complete by acquiring each new release.


Meanwhile, investors value the security of any Scottsdale Mint silver piece, as they know that Scottsdale Mint guarantees the purity, weight, and precious metal content of every coin or bar. Silver is a worthwhile investment for any type of investor because it helps balance portfolios—like other precious metals, silver’s value is inversely correlated to currency inflation, so silver products help protect an investor’s wealth against uncertain economic activity. Plus, silver tends to be more affordable than other precious metals, so investors can acquire a large amount of silver at less expense.


If you’re on the fence about investing in silver, you might be swayed by coins from the Biblical Series. Intricately carved with superb detail, Biblical Series coins are showpieces worthy of display. While standard silver bars and rounds are certainly valuable and practical investment pieces, coins like those in the Biblical Series are easy to admire, which makes silver investing a bit more exciting and fun.


Biblical Series Coins Available from Scottsdale Mint


Scottsdale Mint created the Biblical Series to showcase its inimitable minting techniques and delight both collectors and investors with the same dazzling coins. The Biblical Series collectible silver coins are the perfect example of Scottsdale Mint’s intense attention to detail and commitment to high-quality silver. No other mint in the country produces legal tender silver coins with as much intricate beauty as Scottsdale Mint.


As is true of all Scottsdale Mint’s precious metal products, the Biblical series coins are 100% guaranteed for purity, weight, and precious metal content, giving investors a sense of security in their purchase. If you’re interested in learning more about the Biblical Series or any other product from Scottsdale Mint, you can speak with our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team

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