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Cayman Marlin Coin Series

Shop All of the beautiful Cayman Marlin Gold & Silver Coin series. Legal Tender in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Marlin Coin Series | Gold & Silver | Scottsdale Mint


 The Cayman Islands comprise just 102 square miles of land divided amongst three major islands, but it is perhaps the most beautiful 102 square miles in all the Caribbean Sea. It is no surprise that Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman are top tourism destinations for travelers looking for breathtaking beauty and undeniable luxury — and it is equally unsurprising that Scottsdale Mint would work with the Cayman Islands to produce a stunning collection of gold and silver coins.


The Cayman Islands has long boasted a reputation as a haven for offshore financial activity, but now investors can bring the beauty of the Cayman Islands home with Scottsdale Mint’s Cayman Marlin Coin Series. Combining the natural splendor of the Cayman Islands with the exquisite craftsmanship expected from Scottsdale Mint, these gold and silver coins are the perfect additions to any precious metal portfolio.


What is the Cayman Marlin Coin Series?


The Cayman Marlin Coin Series from Scottsdale Mint is a gorgeous line of gold and silver coins featuring a powerful marlin leaping from the sea. The Cayman Islands boast some of the best seas for sport fishing, and the Atlantic blue marlin is world-renowned for its agility and strength, making it a top prize for visiting fishers. On the obverse of each coin is a side-profile relief of Queen Elizabeth II, as the Cayman Islands is a self-governing member of the British Overseas Territories, ruled by Britain’s monarch. Above the marlin is the Queen’s royal cypher: ER II and the British crown. Surrounding both the Queen’s profile and the marlin is a border field of fine waves, recalling the spectacular turquoise waters surrounding the Cayman Islands.


Scottsdale Mint has updated the Cayman Marlin Coin Series every year since 2017. Investors and collectors can acquire 1 troy ounce, .9999 gold coins and 1 troy ounce .999 silver coins in this series, as well as a special edition 2018 colorized silver and gold coins with the jumping marlin painted an eye-catching blue. Investors interested in acquiring multiple Cayman Islands coins might consider a tube promo, which includes 20 silver coins bundled at a bargain rate.


All Cayman Islands coins are considered legal tender on Cayman Islands, with face values between $1KYD and $5KYD, but the value of the precious metals is much higher. Investors and collectors alike cherish the opportunity to own such beautiful and valuable coin pieces.


Why Should You Buy Cayman Marlin Coins?


Collectors prize the Cayman Marlin Coin Series for its detailed design, a common characteristic of Scottsdale Mint gold and silver pieces. Cayman Island gold & silver coins are convenient to add to valuable coin collections, which might also include other Scottsdale Mint series like the Eastern Caribbean 8 or the Samoa Seahorse Coin Series. Many collectors enjoy acquiring our Cayman Islands coins to add something special and new to their collections.


Meanwhile, investors treasure the inherent value of the gold and silver used to craft the Cayman Island Coin Series. The coins are worth much more than their face values as Cayman Islands currency because they are made of gold and silver, which have value inversely related to the value of the currency. In fact, many investors acquire precious metals as a means of hedging their wealth against inflation and uncertain economic activity. Gold and silver will always be valuable, so investing in striking gold and silver pieces is a smart choice.


Shop Cayman Marlin Coins from Scottsdale Mint


One of limited mintage in the United States, Scottsdale Mint has a global reputation for its exceedingly high-quality gold and silver coins. Scottsdale Mint’s coin series, to include the Cayman Marlin Coin Series, are treasured by collectors and investors alike, who know to trust the purity and attention to detail of Scottsdale Mint. 


Every precious metal product from Scottsdale Mint carries a 100% guarantee on its weight, purity, and precious metal content, so even new investors and collectors can feel secure in purchasing Cayman Islands coins. Questions about the Cayman Marlin Coin Series or any other product from Scottsdale Mint can be addressed to our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team.


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