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Congo Silverback Gorilla Series

Shop All Congo Silverback Gorilla Series Gold & Silver Coins. Great gifts for Gorilla & Ape fans and silver investors! Legal Tender in Congo.

Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series | Scottsdale Mint


With tremendous strength and remarkable intelligence, gorillas are some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. The largest of the living primates dwell in a vast range of habitat across the tropical forests of equatorial Africa, cooperating in troops with the massive and fearsome silverback male at the head. Yet, despite their intimidating size and power, gorillas have been hunted to near-extinction, and wild gorillas only small patches of territory around the Congo River.


To celebrate the majesty of the silverback gorilla, Scottsdale Mint proudly offers the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series. A series of 1 ounce silver coins that function as currency of Democratic Republic of Congo, this series is a stunning tribute to a rapidly disappearing yet uniquely magnificent cousin to humanity.


What is the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series?


The Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series is an exceptionally beautiful collection of silver coins that prominently feature a gorilla in varying designs. The silver coins are legal tender in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Every year since 2015, Scottsdale Mint has released a new coin to the series, giving collectors and investors another opportunity to add to their portfolios. Each coin showcases the grandness of the mighty silverback gorilla, sometimes with photorealistic illustrations of a gorilla’s face and other times with a respectful abstraction of the gorilla’s form. Scottsdale Mint offers colorized versions for both the 2016 coin and the 2017 coin, and for the first time in 2021, Scottsdale Mint is offering a 1 ounce gold version of its design. Many years include a tribal-style border around the gorilla.


On the reverse of each coin in the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series is the coat of arms for the Republic of Congo, which is often present on other Congo currency. The coat of arms features other animals native to the Congo region — the lion and two African elephants — as well as a forest crown and a tree trunk to symbolize the rare ecology of the region. At the base of the coat of arms, the national motto of “Unity, Work, Progress” waves on a banner. This Congolese coat of arms was first created in 1960 with Congo’s independence from Belgium and was re-adopted in 1991.


What is Congo Currency?


Currently, both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo utilize the Congolese Franc, or CDF. This currency was created in 1997 to replace the Zaïre, which succumbed to massive devaluation at the end of the rule of former president Mobutu Sese Seko. While the coins in the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series have face values between 500 CDF and 5000 CDF, they are worth much more thanks to their precious metal content.


Why Should You Buy Congo Silverback Gorilla Coins?

As rare and as valuable as a silverback gorilla itself, the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series gives collectors and investors the opportunity to celebrate this imposing beast into their homes. These Congo currency coins boast unmatched quality, which is a characteristic of precious metal products from Scottsdale Mint.


Collectors tend to appreciate coin sets from Scottsdale Mint because we emphasize detailed design in our precious metal products. The gorillas depicted in the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series are impeccably crafted, ensuring no confusion about the strength and beauty of these impressive creatures. Collectors can look forward to the release of a new gorilla coin design each year, especially if the gorilla is a particularly favored animal.


Meanwhile, investors stand to benefit from the purity and weight of silver and gold in the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series. Scottsdale Mint uses .999 fine silver and .9999 fine gold in its coin series, and the Congo coin set is no exception. Many investors strive to store some of their wealth in precious metals like silver and gold as a hedge against inflation, protecting themselves from economic insecurity. These coins offer a fun and interesting way of stacking silver, so investors can proudly showcase the artistry of their portfolios.


Congo Silverback Gorilla Coins Available from Scottsdale Mint


Scottsdale Mint is one of only a few operating mints in the United States, and it is the foremost private mint producing highly detailed gold and silver currency coins for other countries. Like all precious metal products from Scottsdale Mint, the Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin Series comes with a 100% guarantee on the purity, weight, and precious metal content of its coins, so investors can feel confident and secure in their purchase. Any additional questions about this series or any other Scottsdale Mint offering can be addressed to our customer support.

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