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Lunar New Year Gold Series

Shop Lunar New Year inspired Gold coins & bars. Celebrate the Chinese New Year With .999 Fine Silver & .9999 Fine Gold by Scottsdale Mint

Lunar New Year Gold Series


The Lunar New Year is the most important celebration in all of China, occurring every year at the beginning of spring. Though China primarily follows the Gregorian calendar, the calendar used throughout the West, it has relied on a lunar calendar for celebrations for over 3,000 years. Just as Westerners revel in the end of one solar year and the start of the next, the Chinese rejoice in the beginning of each lunar year during their Spring Festival, which is filled with iconic sights and sounds.


Inspired by the imagery of the Lunar New Year, Scottsdale Mint is proud to offer its Lunar New Year Gold Series. Investors and collectors can celebrate the Lunar New Year all year-round with these beautiful and fun gold coins and bars.


What is the Lunar New Year Series?


Scottsdale Mint’s Lunar New Year Series is a series of gold products that showcase the culture and excitement of the Lunar New Year. Every year, Scottsdale Mint releases new gold products printed with the solar year and the corresponding animal from the Chinese zodiac, which follows a 12-year cycle. Scottsdale Mint began the series in 2017 with the Year of the Rooster, and is beginning to look ahead to celebrate lunar years to come with Lunar New Year coins for 2024 and beyond.


Each year’s gold bar features a brand-new design of the zodiac animal for the lunar year. Different animals have different associations—for example, the ox is known for persistence and wealth, while the pig is known for practicality and honesty. Some believers in the zodiac suggest that the animal will affect events of the year or the personalities of those born during the year. Thus, Lunar New Year coins and bars make excellent gifts for those celebrating important milestones, like births or anniversaries.


Sizes of Gold Pieces in the Lunar New Year Series


Lunar New Year coins and bars range in sizes. The most popular product in the series is the 1 troy ounce bar, which is produced every year from .9999 Fine gold bullion. More recently, Scottsdale Mint has offered 100 gram gold bars, which are larger and more admirable pieces to add to a collection or portfolio. Lastly, Scottsdale Mint is moving to produce more Lunar New Year coins, which are 1 troy ounce and function as legal tender in Samoa.


Scottsdale Mint offers a range of sizes of gold pieces in its Lunar New Year Series to ensure that every investor can find the right gold product for them. Larger gold bars tend to offer more value per ounce, but they require a greater initial investment. Meanwhile, the smaller Lunar New Year coins and bars are easier to stack up, which is enticing to some collectors.


Why Should You Buy Lunar New Year Gold Coins and Bars?


Gold has been a symbol of wealth and luxury since time immemorial, and today, it is equal parts exciting and practical as a tool for managing invested wealth. High-quality gold products, like Scottsdale Mint’s Lunar New Year gold coins and bars, help to preserve an investor’s wealth against inflation because the value of wealth rises as the value of currency falls. In times of economic uncertainty, gold and other precious metal products help maintain investors’ prosperity and peace of mind.


Collectors, too, enjoy the Lunar New Year Series. Collectors are accustomed to exquisitely detailed designs from Scottsdale Mint, and the Lunar New Year coins and bars deliver with simple and attractive style. With a new release every year, this series makes for an exciting, cohesive, and affordable collection of gold pieces.


Lunar New Year Series from Scottsdale Mint


Lunar New Year coins and Bars from Scottsdale Mint are trusted amongst investors and collectors because Scottsdale Mint has a reputation for generating some of the best quality precious metal products available today. One of only three operating mints in the United State—and the only one known for such uniquely beautiful and detailed craftsmanship — Scottsdale Mint offers a 100% guarantee on the weight, fineness, and precious metal content of all its precious metal products. If you’re interested in learning more about Lunar New Year coins and bars or any other gold or silver product from Scottsdale Mint, you can contact our customer service team any time.

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