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Giving Back

Scottsdale Mint is committed to giving back and being a blessing in our community and to the world at large. This page represents our current programs and action steps you can take to participate in them!

Alpha & Omega Charitable Coin Program

100 Million People, Extreme Poverty

Most people would be surprised to hear that the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa has a population of more than 100 million people. Despite its sizable population, it lacks first or even second-world infrastructure. It holds the unenviable status of “poorest country in the world,” and doesn’t receive much outside assistance or physical philanthropic visits. Access to clean water, education, and a stable income is not in the realm of possibility for most. The average annual salary is less than $400 per year. 


It is in this broader setting that we find an overlooked segment of an already overlooked population: children. The kids who are lucky enough to be able to attend school find themselves in crowded classrooms with few resources and overwhelmed teachers. 


A typical classroom can have 200 or more children, packed in, on log benches, poor lighting, no books, no visual aids. Teachers have no option but to yell loudly to maintain a sense of order, and it’s not possible for them to get to know the names of each of their students. There is no special attention for kids with learning difficulties. More often than not, children are fearful and do not feel loved or valued. Children with disabilities fare even worse, as the prevailing cultural normative is to discard them entirely. As such, many are orphans. 


In Matthew 25:31-26, we find a beautiful statement of Jesus’ concern for the weak and vulnerable among us.


“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”


This passage from the Bible highlights the importance of caring for those who are overlooked and forgotten. Jesus says at the end of this passage “Truly, I say to you, as you did to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” 


Over the past 3 years, Scottsdale Mint has taken an interest (physical visits, financial aid, prayer) in these children and have come alongside a ministry called GlobalFingerprints, an organization that takes care of some of the most at-risk kids in the world.  


The goal of GlobalFingerprints is to provide for physical tangible needs as well as spiritual needs for vulnerable children in the DRC.  

Addressable Needs, Project, and Goals

1. GlobalFingerprints School Project

Goal: Fund and Build a 2nd Grade Classroom in 2021

Cost: $25,000


There is a strong need to have a robust school built on the truth that each child is valuable, loved, and created for a purpose and potential to learn and grow.  Instead of a fatalistic worldview, the GlobalFingerprints school has at its foundation the principles and worldview from God’s Word.  


The goal is to create an environment where children can thrive, knowing that they are loved and have worth.  We want their children to grow educationally, socially, spiritually.  


This year, October 2020, they opened one Kindergarten and two First Grade classes, each with 20 students.  About 50% of the children are GlobalFingerprints orphans, already sponsored.  


The other 50% is coming from the outside – parents who are able/willing to pay $35/month for an excellent education for their children.  


The 3 teachers were carefully chosen by an organization “TeachBeyond”, who came to do interviews and testing.  Globalfingerprints is partnering with them for training and expertise.  Each year, they hope to add another grade, which means in 2021, we will need a 2nd grade building (2 classrooms). The estimated cost is $25,000 for this phase of funding. As God blesses, they hope to replicate the school in other villages and influence the way education happens in the DRC on a larger scale. 



2. Promise Home School for Children with Special Needs 

Goal: Dedicated Special Needs Classroom

Cost: $25,000


For the past few years, GlobalFingerprints child sponsorship has been focusing on kids who truly are the most vulnerable, living with huge physical or mental disabilities.  A dream came true – the Promise Home, where kids with special needs are loved, cared for, taught and trained in skills for life.  They have 18 kids for 2020, and will be graduating some shortly: 7 of them will move on to a semi-independent living situation.  


Visiting the Promise Home is a little glimpse of Heaven.  They are so loved, and love in return.  As they grow in confidence and character, they shine and their joy is contagious!  They love singing and dancing – even those who have malformations and limbs that are useless!  But one group of kids with special needs are those with hearing challenges.  And there are so many – maybe from childhood illnesses that damaged their ears.  They have nowhere to go to school, and communication with others is difficult.  


If they go to church, they cannot understand.  They are often isolated and looked on as different, strange, not “normal”.  One of the Globalfingerprints workers has learned sign language and is trying to teach some of these kids, but they have no classroom or support.  


We would like to build another classroom just for them, across from the Promise Home.  That way, kids in villages farther away could come and live at the Promise Home while they go to school.  Once again, in a society where these kids are devalued and not considered as an asset to the family or community, we want to influence society as we love and train them, giving them opportunities to grow in every area of their lives.  A classroom for them would cost around $25,000. 



3. Solar-powered Well for the Promise Home, Playground and Park, & New Horizons School

Goal: Provide Access to Clean Water

Cost: $25,000


A few years ago, on this plot of land, there was nothing but an old building that was falling apart.  The Promise Home was built first (2 dorms for boys/girls with houseparents’ apartment, school room and dining room) and this was just the beginning!  


Through Kids Around the World, a large playground was installed one year ago – the first of its kind in all of Congo!  It is serving the kids well, but also the community.  They have added a basketball and volleyball court, and especially on week-ends, it is open to the public.  When their new school opens, the kids will have recreation there.  


They are praying for and dreaming of having a clean water source on the property.  It would supply water for the new school, Promise Home, our Guest House for parents or helpers that come to visit, and playground/park visitors.  The closest water source at the moment is about ½ mile, and all water is carried in 25 liter jugs.  


For their kids with special needs, this is especially difficult.  Once they have 60 students also in school and using the playground, the amount of water needed will increase.  It is difficult to maintain good hygiene when there is a shortage of water, and it all has to be carried.  The majority of kids in Congo do not have a clean water source – thus, are constantly infected with parasites, so the gift of clean water is priceless and can change their lives. 

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Join us in bringing joy and peace this holiday season by grabbing our newly released 2021 Alpha and Omega series of investment level coins, and we’ll give back for every coin bought to our ministry partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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