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Buy Gold Bars From Scottsdale Mint


There is something magical about holding a gold bar in your hand, as though you can feel the extra weight added by the value of the precious metal. Bars of gold are the quintessential markers of wealth; they have been associated with affluence for centuries, and they will continue to be for centuries more. The thrill of handling a real gold bar does not abate with time, and the more gold you acquire, the more you come to appreciate the excitement associated with precious metal investment.


Gold bullion bars come in all manner of weights and designs, from 1/100th of an ounce to a full kilo. Investors tend to prefer 1 ounce gold bars, which are more fun to collect than smaller slips and more convenient to store than larger bars. Whatever size gold bar you are interested in acquiring, Scottsdale Mint has the right investment piece for you.


What are Gold Bars?


One of the best ways to mint and sell gold bullion, gold bars are popular items among precious metal investors. Bullion is gold of exceedingly high purity, which many investors use to diversify their portfolio and hold their wealth. Bars take the shape of a square or rectangle, which makes them more convenient to store than other forms of bullion, like coins or nuggets. Usually, the terms “gold bar” and “gold ingot” are used interchangeably to describe gold pressed or poured into a rectangular shape.


There are many sizes and styles of gold bars. At Scottsdale Mint, you will find each gold bar is stamped with its weight and other markers of value, such as the bar’s metal content and fineness as well as Scottsdale Mint’s logo. You can also find all manner of gold coins and gold nuggets if these investments are more appealing to you.



Types of Gold Bars


There are two types of gold bars available from Scottsdale Mint: cast gold bars and minted gold bars.


Cast bars are made using a mold, into which molten gold is poured and hardened. Cast bars tend to be a bit more rugged in appearance and likely will have only a simple engraving. No two cast bars are exactly alike as each has its own unique irregularities acquired in the casting process. Making cast gold bars is relatively quick, so cast bars can be a more affordable option for beginner investors.


Minted bars tend to be the more recognized form of gold bar. At a gold mint, a continuous casting machine creates gold bars from scratch, producing a long strip of gold that gets cut to the proper size and stamped with the appropriate details. The result is a brilliantly shining, perfectly uniform gold bar.


Scottsdale Mint is one of only three working mints in the country, and its minted gold bars adhere to the highest standard for quality. You can also find cast gold bars available from Scottsdale Mint, engraved with the mint’s iconic lion logo.


Gold Bar Sizes


The term “gold bar” often evokes images of massive golden bricks, but in truth, gold bars can come in an array of sizes. Gold bars are sold by weight as opposed to length and width. Most gold bars available for purchase are smaller in size, from 1 gram up to 1 kilogram. Smaller gold bars are easier to create, transport, and store,—because gold holds incredible value, investors only need a small amount of gold to enjoy the benefits of this precious metal.


You might see gold bars stamped with troy ounces in addition to metric or imperial weights. The troy ounce has been used since the Middle Ages as a standard weight system for precious metals. A troy ounce is slightly more than a standard ounce at 31.1 grams, so you should verify what kind of ounce is used in any 1-ounce bar you buy. You can always talk to Scottsdale Mint’s customer support team to better understand the size and weight of our gold bar products.


Why Should You Buy Gold Bars


Aside from the undeniable luxury associated with owning pure gold, gold bars are sound investments. Gold and other precious metals balance a portfolio by hedging against inflation and deflation. Generally, as the value of cash decreases, the value of gold increases, so having gold bars on hand can help an investor maintain a standard of wealth despite economic activity.


Scottsdale Mint prides itself on offering some of the highest quality gold bars in the world. When you buy precious metals from Scottsdale Mint, you gain a guarantee for purity, weight and content, which should give you confidence in your investment decision. As one of only a few operating mints in the United States, Scottsdale Mint’s products are unique, ensuring that they will retain value and charm in your precious metal collection.

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