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Buy Silver Bars for Sale Online | Silver Bullion Bars

When it comes to buying silver bullion, investors frequently turn to silver bars as a primary option.

Buy Silver Bars from Scottsdale Mint


A radiant metal, silver bullion is sophisticated and sleek in any form, but it shines particularly beautifully as bars. The straight lines and even texture of the bar shape allow the silver a brilliant polish to catch the eye of any investor. Aside from the undeniable splendor of silver, bars boast a convenient shape for managing and storing, making it easy for investors to stack up large collections safely and securely.


Silver bullion from Scottsdale Mint is guaranteed to be the quality investors crave. There is a Scottsdale Mint silver bar available for every level of investor, from slips of a few grams to 1-kilo bricks—and thanks to silver’s accessible price point, any investor can start collecting precious metals today.


Types of Silver Bars


Not all silver bars are created equal. In fact, there are two distinct ways to create silver bars: casting and minting. Cast silver bars, which are sometimes referred to as ingots, involve pouring liquid silver into molds, while mint bars are pressed and stamped from a sheet of silver. Casting is a much less precise method of creating silver bars than minting; often, cast bars are a bit more rugged in look and texture, with simple designs and imperfections that make every bar unique. In contrast, minted bars are flawlessly uniform and can have intricate designs.


Additionally, investors might pay attention to the difference between name-brand silver bars and so-called generic silver bars. Highly regarded mints, like Scottsdale Mint, create silver bars that sell at a premium thanks to their well-established quality and security. Though these bars might cost more to acquire, they will also demand a higher price when investors sell. In comparison, generic silver bars are worth only their value in silver.


Regardless of the type of silver bar investors are interested in acquiring, it is important to work only with a reputable mint or bullion dealer. Fortunately, Scottsdale Mint offers only the best quality silver products, to ensure investors get the value they need when they buy silver bars.


Silver Bar Sizes


Silver bars come in a range of sizes to provide investors the flexibility to find the exact amount of silver they want and need. Scottsdale Mint’s smallest silver bar is the 5-gram slip, and we offer several 1 kilo options for investors looking to take advantage of premium per-ounce prices.


The most common silver bars are 1 troy ounce. A troy ounce is slightly larger than a standard ounce, weighing the equivalent of 31.1034768 grams, but the relatively small size of the troy ounce makes it easy for investors to collect a large number of silver bars into their portfolios. Our 10 oz silver bar and 100 oz silver bar are also popular options.


Why Should You Buy Silver Bars


Aside from the intrinsic allure of owning silver, silver bars are a worthwhile investment for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, precious metals help balance a portfolio, creating stability and functioning as an inflation hedge. Essentially, the markets for silver and other precious metals are inversely related to interest rates, so when inflation causes the strength of currency to drop, the value of silver goes up. Thus, investors like to buy silver bars to protect their wealth from economic uncertainty.


Silver bars are more affordable than bars of other precious metals like gold, and further, silver continues to have industrial applications in industries like technology and healthcare. For these reasons, silver prices can be a bit more capricious as supply and demand fluctuate more than they do with other precious metals. Plenty of investors are partial to a volatile market, which tends to provide more opportunity to gain wealth by buying and selling assets at the right times. Investors can find an accurate price of silver at the top of every Scottsdale Mint webpage.


Ultimately, silver bars are a smart purchase for any investor, whether an investor is looking for a safe place to park wealth or a sneaky way to increase earnings. Scottsdale Mint’s customer service team can help investors navigate the decision to buy silver bars by explaining the different types and sizes as well as why silver bars from Scottsdale Mint are a better investment than most.


Silver Bars Available from Scottsdale Mint


Scottsdale Mint is one of only a few operational mints in the United States, and as such, it is committed to providing American and international precious metal investors with some of the highest quality silver bars on the market. We rigorously test all our precious metal products, and we provide a 100% guarantee on the purity, weight and metal content of our silver bars. Investors can feel totally secure placing their trust in any Scottsdale Mint product, which is what makes our silver bars the best investment.

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