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Buy Silver Coins, Rounds and Bars


When it comes to buying silver bullion, investors frequently turn to silver bars as a primary option. Why would investors choose silver bullion bars over silver bullion coins? Choose from a selection of 1 oz, 2 oz 5oz silver rounds and coins.

Buy Silver Bullion from Scottsdale Mint


​​Delightfully shiny and tantalizingly rare, silver has fascinated humanity for millennia. Like gold, silver is immediately recognizable as valuable; silver pieces like jewelry and tableware are markers of wealth, and investment pieces like silver bars and silver coins are critical elements of an intelligently balanced portfolio.


Silver bullion from Scottsdale Mint is an excellent investment for any level of investor or precious metal collector. We offer only the highest quality silver bullion bars, stackers, rounds, coins, and nuggets, ensuring that investors get exactly what they need from their silver products.


What is Silver Bullion?


Bullion is a term for a precious metal of a particularly high purity. Silver bullion used for investment typically has a fineness of .999 or higher, meaning it should be 99.9% pure. Most silver bullion falls into one of two categories: coins and bars.


Types of Silver Bullion


Coins are some of the most accessible silver pieces. Because many nations continue to mint silver coins as currency, most people have seen or held a silver coin. Silver bullion coins are a bit rarer because of their high content of silver; usually, these coins are not circulated but instead kept secure by investors and collectors.


Silver bullion bars are made for investment, minted into rectangular shapes for easy stacking and storage. Silver ingots are a type of silver bar that is made by casting the bar in a mold instead of cutting the bar from a strip. Often, the term “ingot” and the term “bar” are used interchangeably. Scottsdale Mint offers a unique silver bullion bar called a silver nugget, which celebrates the silver mining history of Arizona with a distinctive shape and texture.


Silver Bullion Sizes


Investors can find all manner of sizes of silver bullion available from Scottsdale Mint, from 5 grams to 1 kilo. The most popular size of silver bullion is 1 ounce, but many investors acquire multiple 1-ounce bars or coins to pad their portfolios. It is much easier to acquire a large amount of silver compared to other precious metals, like gold, because the price of silver is more accessible to most investors.


What is the Difference Between an Ounce and a Troy?


The troy ounce is the standard unit of measure in weighing precious metals. Created in Troyes, France, the troy remains in use today to distinguish precious metals from other goods. While the standard ounce is the equivalent of 28.35 grams, the troy ounce is slightly more at 31.1034768 grams. Generally, when a precious metal vendor advertises a product as an ounce, they mean a troy.


Silver Prices


The silver market is slightly more volatile than the gold market, but this instability can be enticing to some investors looking for more opportunities to build profit from buying and selling. Because silver is more affordable, more investors have access to this precious metal, which causes the supply and demand to shift more swiftly. Additionally, silver remains an industrial metal, used in electronics, medical equipment, photography, mirrors and more. Thus, silver prices are more likely to fluctuate than gold prices. Investors can find the a live silver price chart here for viewing and further education.


Are Silver Prices the Same Across the World?


The current price of silver is roughly the same, regardless of where in the world an investor buys or sells. This is largely due to international banks and precious metal dealers, which watch the gold and silver markets to set their prices. Though there can be some variation in local demand to affect the silver price one way or the other, most investors aren’t likely to find vast differences in the price of silver per ounce today.


What are the Bid Price, Ask Price, and Spread for Silver?


All investments are impacted by bid price, ask price, and the spread between them. When an investor is interested in acquiring a stock or asset, like a silver bar, they will quote a price they want to pay (the bid price). Then, when an investor wants to get rid of their stock or asset, they will quote the price at which they hope to sell (the ask price). The bid-ask spread is the difference between these two prices.


Why Should You Buy Silver Bullion?


Like other precious metals, silver bullion is an important asset in any investment portfolio. Silver is a hedge against inflation, gaining value as cash drops in value, and because the silver market is more volatile than gold, it offers more opportunities for investors to make profits on their silver investments.


Scottsdale Mint boasts some of the highest quality silver bullion products available to investors. Silver bars and coins minted in our facilities are guaranteed for purity, weight and metal content, and our customer service team is always available to answer questions about any silver product from Scottsdale Mint.

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