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When it comes to buying silver bullion, investors frequently turn to silver bars as a primary option. Why would investors choose silver bullion bars over silver bullion coins? While each investor’s opinion is their own, there are common factors that push many toward silver bars, including:

Who are Silver Stackers?


Silver Stackers are investors who choose to buy and & save physical silver bullion, holding it for the long term.


Silver Stackers can also refer to the world’s most popular Bullion bar designed and minted by Scottsdale Mint.


Silver Stacking is the act of buying, and taking direct possession of silver bullion coins, rounds, and bars; and then saving them for the long term, usually years.


Stacking Silver is a bit of an obsession. It can be hard to determine the precise reasons why people love stacking this metal, but there are many great benefits that make it worthwhile for some investors. Some stack because they want their wealth protected by having piles upon piles of silver in one place – as if you’re a king or queen! Others use Silver as protection against economic downturns so that they don’t lose any more money than necessary should something happen on Wall Street . Whatever reason people have for being interested in investing in metals, I think we can all agree: Stacking Silver is extremely fun and addicting.


“Silver stacking” is what silver investors and collectors of physical precious metal bullion products call the act of stockpiling silver.


They often refer to themselves as “silver stackers,” referencing a time when people would stockpile food in preparation for an emergency or natural disaster.


Scottsdale Silver bars and rounds are a perfect product for the avid investor. The innovative design elements have been designed with stackers in mind, making it easy to securely store your investment away and as efficiently as possible! Scottsdale’s Silver bars and rounds make it easy to store your precious metals with a textured rim that allows for stacking.


The Silver Stackers believe that the price of silver will rise in coming years, meaning that they are taking a long-term investment strategy.


Silver Stackers are a new breed of investors who buy and save physical silver bullion for the long term. For these seasoned professionals, buying low-priced coins is like taking out an “insurance policy” against inflation or recession.


Throughout history, many people have saved in cash to protect themselves from economic uncertainty. The idea behind investing gold has even been around since ancient times when Egyptians used metal ingots as money exchange agents during wars and famine periods.


These new Stackers are carrying on this tradition and wanting to reintroduce Silver into everyday currency use, and we think it’s a great idea!


How are Silver Stacker Bars made?


Scottsdale Mint’s Stacker bars and rounds all begin as raw silver grain or bars. A furnace is heated and the silver is melted and turned into rough bars and rounds, then they are machined to perfection on our specially designed Silver minting equipment, giant CNC machines.

Our equipment was custom designed and state of the art, designed to achieve the ultra precision and smooth finish our Silver Stackers are known for. Once the bars are machined, a stamp kisses the surface leaving the impression of our Lion and logo as well as the purity, weight and serial numbers.

Scottsdale Silver Stackers Bars
Scottsdale Silver Stackers Bars
Scottsdale Silver Stackers Bars
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