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Silver Rounds

Buy Silver Rounds from Scottsdale Mint


If you already have silver bars and silver stackers—and silver nuggets and silver coins—what else is there for an eager silver investor to collect? Scottsdale Mint is proud to offer high-quality silver rounds, which are coin-shaped silver bullion pieces privately minted for collection or investment. In a convenient size and shape, silver rounds make for excellent gifts and fun first-investment pieces as well as additions to established collections. Scottsdale Mint’s silver rounds are renowned for their unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship, providing the best possible value to investors.


What are Silver Rounds?


In the precious metal industry, the term “round” refers to coin-like or oval-shaped pieces of bullion. Silver rounds are not considered legal tender, which means they don’t have a denomination backed by a sovereign government. This isn’t to say that silver rounds lack value—in fact, silver coins usually have a value that’s not at all related to the face value stamped into the coin. It might be easier to think of silver rounds as coin-shaped silver bars, for which the weight and purity of the piece is more important than the denomination or date of minting. As long as an investor purchases a silver round from a reliable silver merchant, like Scottsdale Mint, they can be confident in the enduring value of their silver piece.


Types of Silver Rounds


There are many ways to categorize silver rounds: how big they are, where they come from, and what series to which they belong.


As with bars, weight is the most popular way to differentiate silver rounds, as larger and heavier silver rounds are more valuable than smaller, lighter ones. You can find silver rounds as small as 1/10 ounce and as large as 5 ounces. Generally, the larger the silver round, the more value you get for the price of the piece.


Silver rounds can also be differentiated by their maker. Brand-name silver rounds, or rounds created by distinguished mints, tend to be valued more than merely their weight in silver. You can talk to a Scottsdale Mint customer service representative to better understand the difference between name-brand and generic silver pieces.


Finally, silver rounds can be minted in series, which are collections of silver pieces with a similar design theme. Scottsdale Mint offers its iconic lion logo on its silver rounds and round stackers, which give the pieces a regal air. You can also find rounds with themes like animals, national symbols, cartoon characters, and more. Sometimes, silver collectors try to acquire all pieces in a series, which makes their collections more valuable.


Why Should You Buy Silver Rounds


Buying silver rounds is thrilling—and a sound financial investment. Precious metals are an excellent means of hedging your wealth against inflation because the value of precious metals tends to increase as the value of cash decreases. Regardless of economic activity, the silver rounds in your collection will remain valuable, protecting your wealth against uncertainty.


What’s more, silver tends to be an easier precious metal for investors to acquire, and as the silver market is a bit more volatile, it is easier for investors to buy and sell silver bullion to make a sizable profit in a short amount of time. With their relatively small size and convenient shape, rounds are attractive to beginner and experienced investors alike. 


Silver Rounds Available from Scottsdale Mint


Scottsdale Mint offers all manner of silver products, and its silver rounds are among the most popular. Stamped with the proud lion as well as the weight and purity of the silver, the silver rounds minted in Scottsdale Mint boast some of the highest quality investors can find. Our Silver Stacker rounds offer even more benefit in the form of a beveled edge, which allows you to store a large number of rounds neatly in a small space, improving your ability to manage your silver collection with ease.


When you buy any precious metal product from Scottsdale Mint, you are gaining a guarantee for purity, weight, and precious metal content. As one of only a few operational mints in the United States, we are committed to providing unique, valuable, and alluring silver products for investors and collectors. You can trust your decision to buy silver rounds from Scottsdale Mint. If you ever need help in making a decision, please reach out to our customer support team.

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