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Buy Silver Maple Leafs from Scottsdale Mint

Buy high-quality Silver Maple Leaf Coins from Scottsdale Mint, each with a silver purity of .9999 and a 100% guarantee for purity, weight, and silver content.

Buy Silver Maple Leafs from Scottsdale Mint


Many countries mint special coins of precious metals to celebrate their culture and display national pride. In Canada, the annual issuing of the Silver Maple Leaf is one eagerly awaited by many investors, who like to take advantage of the size, price, and enduring value of this coin. All Silver Maple Leafs come with a guarantee from the Canadian government, which offers digital authenticity and backs the quality and fineness of the silver to provide more confidence in the investment.


Scottsdale Mint’s Silver Maple Leafs are rigorously inspected to ensure that they are the highest possible quality. While we offer a number of other silver coins for investment, the Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin is a favorite among our investors, and we are proud to help you acquire a Silver Maple Leaf for your collection.


What are Silver Maple Leafs?


The Royal Canadian Mint first issued a maple leaf in silver in 1988, and since then, the mint has struck Silver Maple Leafs on an annual basis. Made from .9999 silver, the coin has a face value of $5, which is the highest value available for silver bullion coins. You can use the Silver Maple Leaf as legal tender, but most investors choose to keep the coin for its market value in silver.


The Silver Maple Leaf boasts some of the best security measures to ensure quality and authenticity, which is part of what makes the coin one of the most sought-after silver bullion pieces in the world. The Royal Canadian Mint has created a Bullion DNA program to enhance the coin’s security. Features from the program include radial lines behind the maple leaf and an additional maple leaf that is microscopically engraved and all but invisible to the naked eye. The security details of each coin are scanned by the Canadian government and stored for future authentication.


Another unique feature of the Silver Maple Leaf is that it is named for the picture on its reverse, or back side. The coin’s front, or obverse, shows a profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II; in the decades since the coin’s first minting, the image has changed twice as the Queen has aged. Meanwhile, the iconic maple leaf has remained identical since the first minting, aside from the addition of important security features.


Types of Silver Maple Leafs


Silver Maple Leafs sold by Scottsdale Mint are of the highest possible quality. While investors tend to be more interested in the weight and fineness of the silver—1 troy ounce and .9999 silver, respectively—coin collectors often look for special editions of the coins, which can add even more value. The Royal Canadian Mint sometimes produces commemorative editions, like the 10-ounce version produced for the coin’s 10th anniversary. The mint also regularly releases coins with special privy marks, like fireworks for coins minted in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium. One of the rarest Silver Maple Leaf coins was struck in 2005 for the Royal Dutch Mint in commemoration of the liberation of the Netherlands and features three privy marks. Silver Maple Leafs that are colored or holographic as well as coins with nature themes are also available.


Why Should You Buy Silver Maple Leafs?


Precious metals of any type, shape or weight make for excellent investment pieces because they help to diversify your portfolio. While most investments are directly tied to economic performance, precious metals are inversely related; as a result, when the value of cash plummets with inflation, the values of gold, silver, and platinum increase.


Silver Maple Leafs make for a particularly good investment because of their unique features. Most silver coins are only .999 pure, but Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins boast a purity of .9999. The anti-counterfeiting measures taken by the Royal Canadian Mint ensure the security of this investment, as do measures taken by Scottsdale Mint to verify and guarantee authenticity. Demand for Silver Maple Leaf coins remains high, so investors are likely to see continuous increases in the value of these coins in the coming years.


Silver Maple Leafs Available from Scottsdale Mint


When you are looking to buy precious metals, Scottsdale Mint should be your first and last stop. As one of only a few operational mints in the country, Scottsdale Mint is able to offer unique, beautiful, and valuable investment and collectible pieces. The Silver Maple Leafs available from Scottsdale Mint come with a 100% guarantee for purity, weight, and silver content, which is why so many investors like you prefer to work with us. If you have any questions or concerns about Silver Maple Leafs or other silver coins, you can always contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team, who will help you make the right investment decision for you.

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