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Terracotta Warriors

Shop All Terracotta Warrior Series Silver Antique 5 oz Coins. Great gifts for fans of history and silver investors! Legal Tender in Fiji.

Terracotta Warriors Silver Coins


In 1974, six men in rural China were digging a well for their farm—but instead of finding water, they continued to dig up roofing tiles, bricks, and chunks of masonry. The farmers reported their findings to Chinese archaeologists, who unearthed an unbelievable site: thousands of terracotta warriors, over 2,000 years old, arranged into a massive army to protect a vast necropolis for the Qin Dynasty.


The Terracotta Army is an awe-inspiring wonder, a massive and truly unique work of art and culture. To commemorate this unparalleled initiative, Scottsdale Mint created its Terracotta Warriors Series, which includes three gorgeous silver coins imprinted with scenes from the Terracotta Army. Produced exclusively by Scottsdale Mint, the Terracotta Warriors silver coins serve as exceptional collector’s items and valuable investment pieces.


What are Terracotta Warriors Silver Coins?


In 221 B.C.E., Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi commissioned the Terracotta Army to protect his tomb, which lay underneath the remains of his empire’s capital city. The entire necropolis is enormous, spanning over 38 square miles, and is filled with an array of buildings and structures to mimic the emperor’s wealth in death as in life. The life-sized terracotta warriors are placed in regimental order, with infantry as well as cavalry, and feature outstanding variation in the details of their faces, clothing, posture, and more.


The Terracotta Warriors silver coin series is an exclusive line of silver products from Scottsdale Mint, meant to commemorate the majesty and splendor of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each coin depicts a different scene from the Terracotta Army on the reverse, such as a close-up of a warrior’s unique face or an angled view of a large regiment of warriors standing in the pit. The words “Terracotta Warriors” are inscribed in Chinese on each coin, signaling the coins’ inclusion in the series. The coins feature a rimless design, so the images of the Terracotta Army appear as large and glorious as possible.


On the obverse, or front, each coin shows Fiji’s coat of arms as well as the weight, purity, and dollar value of the coin. Terracotta Warriors silver coins are each a sizable 5 troy oz, giving them significant weight in the hand, and like all Scottsdale Mint silver coins are made from .999 fine silver. The coins are antiqued, meaning they are given a finish that makes the coin look and feel like it was unearthed with the Terracotta Army itself.


Why Should You Buy Terracotta Warriors Silver Coins?


Both investors and collectors can find value in Terracotta Warriors silver coins from Scottsdale Mint. Coin collectors appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of the coins, which showcase Scottsdale Mint’s attention to detail. Like other Scottsdale Mint silver coin series, Terracotta Warriors silver coins have a fascinating theme and remarkably intricate image designs, which makes them special amongst silver coin pieces available today. Every year, Scottsdale Mint announces a new Terracotta Warrior silver coin, and many collectors eagerly await the release.


Investors value Scottsdale Mint’s Terracotta Warriors Series for their undeniable impressiveness and silver content. One of few 5 oz sizable coin series to have such beautiful images, the Terracotta Warrior silver coins give investors more value per ounce, which means they can pad their precious metal portfolios with more silver at less expense. Silver is an excellent investment because it works as an inflation hedge, protecting an investor’s wealth against uncertain economic activity. Investors can trust the purity and quality of Scottsdale Mint silver, and they can appreciate the beauty of Terracotta Warrior silver coins.


Terracotta Warriors Silver Coins Available from Scottsdale Mint


Scottsdale Mint is one of only three operating mints in the United States, and it places priority on producing some of the most prominent precious metal products on the market. The Terracotta Warrior Series highlights Scottsdale Mint’s inimitable ability to capture glory and wonder for collectors and investors alike. What’s more, Scottsdale Mint offers a 100% guarantee on the weight, purity, and precious metal content of its products, so collectors and investors can feel secure in their purchases. If you’re interested in learning more about the Terracotta Warrior silver series or any of Scottsdale Mint’s other precious metal products, you can reach out to our customer support.

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