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Tombstone Silver Nuggets


Shop Popular Tombstone Silver & Gold nugget bars & coins from Scottsdale Mint.

Inspired by Gold Rush & Mining history, all bars & coins are hammered by hand.

Buy Silver Nuggets from Scottsdale Mint


It was once every prospector’s dream to stumble upon a natural Silver Nugget, an irregularly shaped chunk of metal which often indicates the nearby presence of a silver deposit or vein. These days, investors are also interested in finding Silver Nuggets—but the nuggets available from Scottsdale Mint aren’t naturally occurring, and they boast much better purity ratings than anything a prospector might find in the wild.


One of the most unique silver products you can find, Silver Nuggets are minted only at Scottsdale Mint to commemorate Arizona’s mining history. Silver bars might be sleek and coins convenient and collectible, but Silver Nuggets are exceptional, interesting, and full of character, making them an ideal choice for an offbeat investor.


What are Silver Nuggets?


A Silver Nugget is a type of silver bar, crafted to evoke the history of one of Arizona’s most infamous towns: Tombstone. Tombstone is best known for a historic gunfight that took place outside the O.K. Corral, but the boomtown was much more important to the development of Arizona and the American West than one showdown between lawmen and bandits. Developed in a matter of months from a few miners’ tents to a bustling metropolis, Tombstone and its surrounding mines produced more silver bullion than any other area in the state — a feat well worth commemorating with a collectible silver piece like the Silver Nugget.


In an irregular shape with a hammered texture, each Silver Nugget has its own personality, yet every nugget is certified with .999 pure silver bullion to pay homage to the prolific silver mines of Tombstone. Silver Nuggets are stamped with a Tombstone logo as well as the bar’s weight and purity, and they come with miner’s pouches for safe storage. With a Silver Nugget, you are gaining more than a shrewd financial investment—you are taking home a valuable tribute to mining history.


Types of Silver Nuggets


Naturally occurring silver nuggets are incredibly rare, and their presence indicates a huge silver deposit or vein in the region. The biggest silver nugget ever found comes from Colorado, where the nearby Smuggler mine generated one-fifth of the world’s silver at its peak. Nuggets found in the area around Tombstone told prospectors that the area was rife with silver, and not long after, the Good Enough and Tough Nut mines became massively successful.


Though you can buy raw silver nuggets, they are full of impurities and irregularities that make them less valuable as a precious metal investment. Instead, you should buy pure Silver Nuggets from Scottsdale Mint. Scottsdale Mint first began offering Tombstone Silver Nuggets for sale in [year], and they have been popular silver items ever since.


Scottsdale Mint’s Silver Nuggets come in three sizes: 5 ounce, 10 ounce and 1 kilo. The 5-oz Tombstone Silver Nugget is worth the equivalent of five American Silver Eagle coins. Both the 10-oz and 1-kg nuggets boast lower prices per ounce compared to Silver Eagles, making them sound financial investments for those looking to acquire a large amount of silver.


Why Should You Buy Silver Nuggets


Investing in precious metals is a smart decision if your portfolio is in need of balance. Precious metals like silver have an inverse relationship with the economy—when inflation drives down the value of the dollar, the value of silver goes up, which means putting some of your wealth into silver products will protect you against economic uncertainty.


Silver is among the most accessible precious metals for beginner investors or investors who prefer quantity over per-ounce value. What’s more, unlike gold, silver has myriad industrial applications, so its value is subject to greater market fluctuation. As a result, it is possible to accumulate a large amount of silver and sell it when it reaches a much higher value to boost individual wealth.


Silver Nuggets aren’t as ubiquitous as silver bars or silver coins. In fact, Scottsdale Mint is the only mint in the world that produces these unique and interesting silver pieces. Collectors and investors alike appreciate the distinctive look and feel of Silver Nuggets, which make bars and coins comparatively bland. If you like to own items that stand out from the rest, the Silver Nugget is certainly the best silver investment for you.


Silver Nuggets Available from Scottsdale Mint


When you buy precious metals from Scottsdale Mint, you are gaining a guarantee of quality, security and luxury. Not only is Scottsdale Mint one of only three operational mints in the United States, but we are the only mint to produce Silver Nuggets, one of the most remarkable silver bar products on the market today. When you buy a silver nugget from Scottsdale Mint, you are giving yourself a gift of historic and cultural significance as well as economic stability. If you have questions about Silver Nuggets or any other Scottsdale Mint silver product, you can get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team.

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