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Barbados Trident Coin Series

Shop All Barbados Trident Series Gold & Silver coins by Scottsdale Mint. Legal Tender in Barbados. Collectible Trident coins for investors.

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 An island nation on the edge of the Caribbean with awe-inspiring scenery, thrilling adventure opportunities, and a fun, engaging culture, Barbados is easily one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Barbados is as famous for its friendly population as for its stunning white-sand beaches, both of which are reasons travelers return to the island again and again. However, Barbados is so much more than a place for foreigners to find rest and relaxation.


Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean, part of the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies and surrounded entirely by the Atlantic Ocean. Barbados boasts a long and fascinating history, and today, the nation claims one of the most stable governments in the Caribbean as an independent state and commonwealth realm under Queen Elizabeth II. Barbados is responsible for producing global superstar Rihanna and the world’s first grapefruits — and Barbadians are proud of their national heritage.


Celebrating the history, culture and beauty of Barbados, Scottsdale Mint humbly offers its Barbados Trident Coin Series. This collection of gold and silver coins showcases the symbol of Barbados, the broken trident, as well as the national coat of arms. Investors and collectors all over the world can own a brilliant piece of Barbados currency by acquiring a piece from this series.


What is the Barbados Trident Coin Series?


Annually since 2017, Scottsdale Mint has released updates to the Barbados Trident Coin Series, a collection of gold and silver coins featuring important iconography from Barbados and functioning as legal tender within the island nation. The preferred currency in Barbados is the Barbadian dollar, or BDS$, but the U.S. dollar is accepted around the island. On each BDS$1, BDS$2, and BDS$5 coin within the Barbados Trident Coin Series, the broken trident of the Barbadian flag is featured prominently on a background of ripples in different patterns. The Barbadian coat of arms is found on the obverse of each coin.


The broken trident has several symbolic meanings to the people of Barbados. The shaft of the trident is broken to signify the nation’s independence from England. Though Barbados remains a commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth as its reigning monarch, the Barbadian people elect their own parliament and create their own laws. Additionally, the three points of the trident represent the three principles of democracy in Barbados: government of, for, and by the people. Finally, the trident is commonly associated with the classical sea god, Neptune or Poseidon, which harkens to Barbados’s location in the Atlantic Ocean.


The coat of arms of Barbados was created in 1966, when the nation officially separated from the United Kingdom. Included in the coat of arms are several icons of Barbadian history and ecology. The arms themselves feature the bearded fig tree that gave the island its name, “Los Barbados” or “The Bearded Ones,” as well as two Red Pride of Barbados flowers. A dolphin and a pelican hold the arms aloft, while a crest of an arm holding two sugar canes towers above. The national motto, “Pride and Industry,” waves on a banner below.


Types of Barbados Trident Coins


Every year, Scottsdale Mint releases three new Barbados Trident gold & silver coins in the Barbados Trident Coin Series. These include:



The design of each coin in the annual collection is identical, save the weight, purity, and precious metal stamped around the trident. However, designs vary slightly from year to year, with updates to the ripple background or special additions like the 2018 pineapple privy mark. Thus, investors and collectors can delight in each annual release of the Barbados Trident Coin Series, looking for differences from the years before.


Why Should You Buy Barbados Trident Coins?

While the beauty and cultural significance of the Barbados Trident Coin Series can be appreciated by collectors of Barbadian treasures, the true value of the collectible trident coins is the high-quality gold and silver used to create the coins. Scottsdale Mint uses only .999 fine silver and .9999 fine gold to produce the Barbados Trident Coin Series, which means the coins are useful tools in preserving wealth despite economic uncertainty. 


Gold, silver, and other precious metals act as inflation hedges, gaining value as currency loses value, which is why many investors choose to acquire some amount of gold and silver alongside other investments. The Barbados Trident Coin Series offers an attractive and convenient way of investing in gold and silver.


Barbados Trident Coins from Scottsdale Mint


Scottsdale Mint has a reputation for producing some of the most intricate and interesting gold and silver coin series in the world today. One of only a few operating mints in the U.S., Scottsdale Mint is committed to providing quality and security to its investors and collectors. The Barbados Trident Coin Series is just one of several impressive and valuable series available from Scottsdale Mint. To learn more about this series or any other precious metal product from Scottsdale Mint, investors and collectors can contact our customer service team.

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