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Connecting precious metals to global storage

Bespoke Services for the Discerning Precious Metals Investor

A precious metals partner you can count on

Scottsdale Mint, an expert in fabrication, distribution & logistics, extends its services and expertise direct to clients seeking geo-diversity for their precious metals holdings. We work with clients around the globe.


Secure Vaulting

Leverage Scottsdale Mint’s international presence by engaging directly with our partners. We provide un-biased educational material to assist you in choosing the jurisdiction and vaulting arrangement that not only meets your geo-diversity goals but exceeds your needs for risk mitigation.


Our service area is Worldwide. Please inquiry per your desired vaulting location and we can provide a custom quote.

Asset Transfer Service

Bespoke services to relocate your existing bullion affordably, securely, and anonymously. Our streamlined processes achieve the highest level of control for the client. Through consistent communication and world-class customer service, we provide a resounding assurance that your investment is safe and secure.


We provide international secure logistics of high-value cargo on a fully insured door-to-door basis.


  • Fully insured Air (common carrier) collection and delivery at origin and destination
  • Armored vehicle collection and delivery at origin and destination
  • Secure escorting and monitoring throughout airline transit hubs
  • Customs brokerage services, both import and export


Financial Geo-Diversity

Favorable international jurisdictions for storage of precious metals:


Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, Panama, Cayman Islands, USA, and more.

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Stacker Market is a global precious metals trading, investing, transferring, and spending platform all-in-one.


With one app, you can buy and sell gold on the world’s fastest growing trading exchange anytime, day or night, with live pricing around the globe – all in real time. Never again miss a profit opportunity.


Learn more here.

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No matter where you are in your quest to find the best storage solution, Scottsdale Mint is here to consult with you. Fill out this form to be contacted by one of our vaulting representatives and we will get back to you shortly.

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