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Transfer your Gold & Silver Certificates


Physically moving gold, silver and platinum from unallocated, allocated, and pool certificate programs has proven to be cumbersome for many investors in precious metals. This is primarily due to high premiums, significant shipping and insurance costs, and long lead times associated with taking delivery of your metals. 


Scottsdale Mint makes your unallocated, allocated, and pool transfers easy, cost effective and quick. 


Gold certificates for sale are a convenient way to gain access to precious metals with mint certification. Perth Mint, for example, has a program to easily buy silver and gold certificates. The silver and gold bullion certificates are held on an unallocated basis. Liquidation to fiat is relatively straightforward, however, if you choose to take delivery of your silver and gold bullion certificates, the process can prove to be costly and lengthy for many investing in gold and silver certificates. 


Scottsdale Mint has developed a one-of-a-kind precious metals transfer service that allows investors to transfer gold, silver, and platinum from platforms such as the Perth Mint Certificate Program. These transfers are done at a fraction of the cost investors may be faced with if attempting to take direct physical delivery, as well as avoiding unnecessary tax consequences. 

Example: Perth Mint Certificate Program Transfer


Do you have gold certificates stored with Perth Mint? We can help you transfer those certificates into Physical product delivered to you or stored at a vault of your choice.




If you have gold and silver certificates that you wish to transfer, please contact us directly at +1-480-577-4747, or fill out the contact form below, and a Scottsdale Mint account manager will reach out to you.

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What are Gold Certificates?

In the past, a “gold certificate” was a document that represented possession of a specific amount of gold. From 1863 to 1933, banknotes in the US were guaranteed by gold.


A “gold certificate” is a financial product that banks typically give to clients looking to invest in gold today.


Unallocated Gold

Banks are required by banking regulations to own a portion of their assets in a way that enables them to quickly acquire liquidity during crises. Due to its high liquidity, gold is the ideal solution. When you place currency in a bank, you turn into a lender, and the bank owes you the money as a result. The same thing occurs when you purchase a gold certificate: you are owed some gold by the bank, but it is not yours.


Selling you gold benefits the bank in two ways: it increases its reserves of gold while also earning a commission from the transaction. It expands its market speculative holdings.


Perhaps you believed that money was secure in a bank, but that is untrue. Your gold serves as security for the institution’s speculative holdings. Additionally, you could lose everything if the bank filed for bankruptcy.


These kinds of investments also have other issues. For instance, the “100% gold certificate” from BNP Paribas states that the bank may reimburse the lender with ten days’ warning. In other words, the bank can sell your position whenever it wants without requesting your consent if it requires your gold.


Allocated Gold

Obtain an ownership certificate before purchasing gold from your bank or another financial organization. This document should include your first and last names, as well as the serial numbers of the bars. That is the only assurance that there is no middleman between you and your gold.


Where do you buy Gold Certificates?


Many people consider gold to be a safe investment because it is in high demand, it is a limited commodity, and its value rarely falls significantly. Although you can buy gold and keep it in a home safe, there are some risks to the precious metal, including theft. Purchasing gold certificates from a local bank or program is seen by some investors as a safer option. These certificates are documents that state you own a certain amount of gold even if you do not physically have the gold in your possession.


You can often find these certificates offered by local banks, or even bullion companies, such as the Perth Mint Certificate Program.


How do I liquidate the Gold Certificate?


Scottsdale Mint can help you by arranging with Perth Mint on your behalf to get the certificate validated and moved to a secure facility anywhere in the world of your choosing.

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