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Vikings Coin Series

Shop Viking silver antique coins featuring classic characters like Thor, Odin & Ragnar by Scottsdale Mint. Legal Tender in Niue.

Vikings Coin Series


Few ancient groups have so captivated Western culture like the Vikings. At once powerfully vicious and remarkably forward-thinking, the Vikings had a profound and inimitable impact on European history. Westerners owe much of our language, culture, laws and economic system to the Vikings—in fact, it’s thanks to the Vikings that Western Europeans developed currency, as the Vikings supplied the rare gold and silver to mint coins.


To celebrate the rich culture and impressive legacy of the Vikings, Scottsdale Mint is proud to offer its gorgeous Vikings Coin Series. Depicting important figures in Viking history and folklore, these coins are exciting additions to any investment portfolio or silver collection.


What are Vikings Coins?


The Vikings Coin Series, produced exclusively by Scottsdale Mint, depict some of the most memorable figures in Viking history and myth. Gods like Odin and Thor, as well as legendary warriors and kings like Ragnar Lodbrok and Cnut the Great, are the central figures in countless tales from Viking folklore. Fans of Viking history will enjoy seeing lesser-known heroes like Harald Fairhair and Bjorn Ironside as well, remembered within this coin series from 2015 and 2016.


There are six Vikings coins in all, each providing a spotlight on a beloved Viking figure on the obverse, or front of the coin. Some coins display a detailed portrait of the figure, with Viking cultural iconography surrounding them—like runic writing or knotwork patterns—while other coins show a scene from Viking legends. Many of the coins feature a rimless design, which allows the intricate artwork to extend all the way to the coin’s edge.


The Vikings coins are legal tender in Tonga, American Samoa, and the South Pacific island nation of Niue, near Fiji. As such, on the reverse side, the Vikings coins feature a profile of Queen Elizabeth II, the coins’ value as currency, and their weight and purity. The coins are antiqued, which helps the remarkable artwork of Viking gods, kings, and heroes stand out, and helps make the coins feel just as historically significant as the figures they depict.


Scottsdale Mint packages the Vikings Coin Series in a wooden display case carved and printed with Viking runes. Investors and collectors alike cherish these valuable and unique coins, which celebrate the honor, bravery, and beauty of Viking history.


Why Should You Buy Vikings Coins?


The Vikings Coin Series is attractive to both investors and collectors. Coin collectors recognize the striking and unique designs from Scottsdale Mint, and the Vikings coins are yet another offering that coin collectors can appreciate and accumulate. And coin collectors aren’t the only type of collector who might be interested in acquiring Vikings coins—these coins are excellent prizes for anyone who loves and reveres Viking history and culture.


Silver investors also tend to value coin series produced by Scottsdale Mint. Because Scottsdale Mint has a reputation for high-quality silver pieces—and proudly guarantee the weight, fineness, and precious metal content of all their products— investors eagerly purchase many Scottsdale Mint silver products to add to their portfolios. The Vikings coins and other coin series offer interesting and exhilarating alternatives to boring stackers and bars.


Both collectors and investors can benefit from the value of silver contained in the Vikings Coin Series. As a precious metal, silver acts as a hedge against inflation, so it’s a safe place to store wealth in times of economic uncertainty. Silver is more plentiful than other precious metals, making it more affordable for investors, and the silver market is a bit more volatile which gives investors more opportunities to sell at a profit. Just as Vikings of yore sought silver for their hoards, investors of today can amass large numbers of silver coins to keep their wealth.


Vikings Coin Series Available from Scottsdale Mint


The Vikings Coin Series is yet another example of the impeccable design and minting techniques employed by Scottsdale Mint. Renowned for its attention to detail and extraordinary style, Scottsdale Mint has a reputation for creating some of the highest quality silver coin collections available today. No other mint operating in the United States produces silver coin pieces that showcase history and culture quite like Scottsdale Mint.


Scottsdale Mint provides a 100% guarantee on the weight, purity, and precious metal content of all its precious metal products, to include the Vikings Coin Series. Collectors and investors feel secure purchasing from Scottsdale Mint, knowing their investments are safe. If you’re interested in learning more about Vikings coins or any other Scottsdale Mint product or service, you can reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

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