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Wall Street Mint Silver Bars


When it comes to buying silver bullion, investors frequently turn to silver bars as a primary option. Wall Street Mint, a sub brand of Scottsdale Mint, has been in business for almost 20 years and it all started with the 10 oz Wall Street Silver bar.

Wall Street Mint Fan Photos

Wall Street Mint Silver Bars


Wall Street Mint is known as the first major private mint to be established post 9/11 and was created with the intent of spear heading a movement of patriotism and work ethic that bonded Americans together post that tragedy in the silver industry.


Today, Wall Street Mint still offers a niche product line but that with a wider range of sizes including bars from 10 Troy ounces to Kilos, usually featuring references to Wall Street or the New York City skyline.


Wall Street Mint Silver

Wall Street Mint History and Origin


The Wall Street Mint brand is one of the most well-known names among long-term investors who buy silver bullion bars. The small company was born after the 9/11 attacks in New York City, with designs featuring various versions of the NYC skyline on their primary design since 2002. Now that modern renditions are available again to investors, it seems like people can’t get enough!


The walls of Wall Street have been witness to the world’s most important financial transactions. So it is no surprise that this icon has its own mint and a line of stamped silver bars bearing their name!


In 2002, the Wall Street Mint began producing 999 fine silver. These commemorative bars were made to celebrate one of America’s most important financial districts and its origins dating back before the existence of our country!


New Amsterdam had a long history as a trading marketplace and securities trading location with Federal Hall, the first city hall for New York. When Dutch settlers founded this community in 1624 they renamed it after their homeland “New Amsterdam” which is translated from 17th century Dutch to English meaning “New Town.” In addition to being recognized by its new name on maps at that time, one of the earliest street names was Waalstraat (meaning Wale Street). This area has been used as a trading hub since day 1!


The history of New Amsterdam is an overlooked chapter in the classic American story. Rarely do we hear about how diverse, dynamic and influential this colony was before it became a part of America’s “melting pot.” The scholarly conclusion has largely been that cultural diversity existed from day one and the mindset resembled what many Americans today are striving for as they pursue their “American Dream” – success through hard work no matter where you come from or who your parents were when you start out on life.


Wall Street And 9/11


The World Trade Center sits a few blocks from Wall Street, the heart of America’s gargantuan financial services industry.


In September 11th 2001 when terrorists attacked downtown New York in a coordinated effort with airplanes, there was significant damage to this main economic sector. Although finance and insurance had been about 9% of GDP in 1990 they had dwindled down drastically following that day before reaching 6%.


The markets were shut down for days after news broke and prices plummeted when they reopened but there was no real change in power on Wall Street. These big institutions bounced back in a huge way and continued unchallenged growing back to about 8% of GDP within a few years.


FEderal Reserve Bank of New York

Wall Street And Precious Metals


Of course today, Wall Street has more connections to other precious metals than just silver, it also has an amazing connection to gold!


Deep beneath the heart of New York’s financial district, a vault at the Federal Reserve Bank is home to what some call “the largest accumulation of Gold in human history.” The gold bars are stored 80 feet below sidewalk level and represent 5% of all gold ever mined. The Vault had to be built on bedrock for fear of breaking any other flooring from the sheer weight of the holdings.


This cache has been entrusted with deposits from central banks across the globe; inside sits 7,000 tons of glittering metal worth $134 billion and is guarded by armed guards 24 hours per day (now also secured by some high-tech security).


The only way into the kingly vault is through a small, rotating tunnel that leads to 122 separate mini-vaults. It’s like you’re going down an ouroboros of gold and jewels – one for every country with a large enough deposit! Inside there are also smaller individual vaults in which nations can store their riches as they please without fear of loss or theft.

Wall Street Mint Silver Bar
Wall Street Mint Silver Bar

Wall Street Mint Today


In 2011 Wall Street Mint was acquired by Scottsdale Mint, who has carried on the torch of excellence and patriotism that Wall Street silver represents. Our Wall Street silver bars come in 10 oz and kilo size bars being either stamped or poured, and features the themes of New York, Wall Street and patriotic duty.


Every Wall Street Mint silver bar is 999 fine silver. While the obverse of each bar is usually in the form of the New York city skyline, the reverse features of each Wall Street silver bar can vary, with some having a reverse design or a blank facade from being poured. Each silver bar is carefully inspected and checked before being shipped


Where can I buy a Wall Street Mint Silver Bar?


The best place to buy a Wall Street Mint silver bar is straight from the manufacturer, Scottsdale Mint! We have all Wall Street Mint products listed, and if the mintage has not yet been hit and it’s still available, you will be able to buy them.


We also distribute our bars to certain partners and distributors who carry our products.


Who is Scottsdale Mint?


Scottsdale Mint has been operating for over 10 years now, having started in 2009 as a silver reseller. Josh Phair, our president and CEO launched a mint division with the Scottsdale Stacker Silver Bars back in 2010 after which he began producing bullion gold coins to expand his product line of precious metals.


In 2013 Josh began expanding his business to countries outside the US. Today, we create legal tender for over 20 Countries and mint bullion for the world’s largest banks.


Every single bar is made in the USA with American pride. We take great care to ensure that not only are our bars of the highest quality, but we also offer an affordable and speedy shipping process from Scottsdale Arizona. At Scottsdale Mint, it’s about more than just making money-we strive for a good reputation by offering top notch service and products at all times!


We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase precious metals at competitive prices with every bar being made entirely from USA materials by American craftsmen who have extensive experience in minting.



We have hundreds of uniquely designed precious metals that you won’t find anywhere else, and our Wall Street Mint bars are truly one of a kind! We have free shipping on all orders over $500, and pay with bank wire or bitcoin for the best price. Once you buy, leave us a review- we love hearing from our customers and want to know what they think about their purchase.

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