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Become a Wholesale Dealer Partner


Do you sell Gold & Silver bullion? Become a partner with us and deliver some of the world’s highest quality bullion to your customers! Simply fill out this contact form and our Wholesale Team will reach out to you shortly! Read the FAQ below for some answers to common questions!



How do I create an account?


Submit the Contact Form on the Become a Dealer page, and a member of our Wholesale Team will contact you to set up your account and begin selling.


What criteria does my business need to meet to become a wholesale dealer partner?


To become a wholesale dealer partner and sell gold and silver bullion with Scottsdale Mint, your business must:

  1. Be involved in the material sales of precious metals; or
  2. Have a physical precious metals holding for investors; and
  3. Have a legitimate and established storefront or eCommerce (non-eBay) store; and
  4. Have a minimum order size of 10 oz gold (Au) and 500 oz silver (Ag) mix and match


Do you accept international wholesale dealer partners?


Yes, our products are sold by bullion dealers around the world. If you’re in the business of precious metals outside of the US, you can work with our Wholesale Team to get properly set up to deal internationally.


What countries can your wholesale dealer partners sell in?


Our wholesale partners deal across the globe, with businesses in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Japan and more. If you’re interested in expanding into a new market, please speak with our Wholesale Team. 


Do you provide a quality guarantee for wholesale dealer products?


Yes, we’re committed to providing you with the finest gold and silver products. We verify and stand behind the purity, weight, and content of all our products with a 100% guarantee. All of our products follow ASTM Standards, and we are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

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